GameStop Now THE Meme Company; CEO Fired As Meme Stock Investor Takes Over

GameStop’s CEO has been fired, and the company is being overseen by Ryan Cohen, an activist investor who helped spark a run on GameStop that turned it into a meme stock.

AWS President of India and South Asia Has Left the Company

AWS has lost its President of India and South Asia, with Puneet Chandok reportedly resigning from the role.

Google Cloud Wins Mayo Clinic Partnership

Google Cloud has scored a big win, partnering with Mayo Clinic for the latter to use its generative AI tools.

Amazon Will Reportedly Unveil An Ad-Supported Prime Video Plan

Amazon may unveil an ad-supported Prime Video plan in an effort to expand the streaming service’s reach.

Meta Users Will Finally Be Able to Refuse Cross-Site Tracking

The EU’s measures to reign in Big Tech’s abuse of user privacy are finally paying off, with Meta agreeing to allow users to refuse cross-site tracking.

WhatsApp Is Adding the Ability to Send HD Photos

WhatsApp is adding the ability to send HD photos, rather than the low-quality compressed photos it currently sends.

Apple Maps Finally Brings Offline Mode

Apple announced a slew of new features for iOS 17 at WWDC, and offline support in Apple Maps is one of the big ones.

Chris Licht’s Run as CNN CEO Is Over

Chris Licht’s run as CEO of CNN is over, with the executive leaving the company after just 13 months at the helm.

Farmers Group New CEO Reneged on Remote Work, Employees Revolted

Insurance company Farmers Group is facing an employee revolt after its new CEO reneged on the company’s remote work promises.

TSA Is Expanding Facial Recognition in Airports

TSA is expanding a controversial facial recognition program in airports around the US, raising concerns among travelers and lawmakers alike.