Yum Brands Hit by Ransomware, Hundreds of Restaurants Close

Yum Brands, the parent of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, was hit by a ransomware attack, leading to hundreds of locations closing.

Amazon Shutters AmazonSmile Charity

Amazon is ending its AmazonSmile charity, saying it plans to focus on “other areas where it can make meaningful change.”

CNET Uses ChatGPT to Write Articles, Runs Into Major Issues

Tech website CNET tried to use ChatGPT to write articles, but the quality and accuracy left much to be desired.

Working in the Metaverse Is a Miserable Experience

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be enamored with the metaverse, but people who have to work in it have a decidedly different view.

British PM Rishi Sunak Pressure MPs As The Country Moves To Keep Media Bosses Criminally Liable

Learn more about how British PM Rishi Sunak pressure MPs as the country moves to keep media bosses criminally liable below.

Mailchimp Suffers Second Breach In Six Months

Mailchimp has suffered yet another security incident that has exposed user data, the second such incident in six months.

Microsoft Confirms Layoffs, 10,000 Jobs Cut

Microsoft has confirmed its plans to engage in layoffs, with plans to cut 10,000 jobs, or nearly 5% of its total workforce.

The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) in Ecommerce

In today’s fast paced world, you will need to stay ahead of the game. Learn the growing importance of supply chain visibility (SCV) below.

5 SaaS Development Solutions to Improve Your Processes

Feeling stuck in your SaaS development? Read on to see 5 SaaS development solutions here to improve your processes.

Satya Nadella: ‘ChatGPT Coming Soon to Azure OpenAI Service’

Microsoft is working to bring ChatGPT to its Azure OpenAI service, according to a tweet by CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft Prepares to Cut 11,000 Jobs

Microsoft is on the verge of a major round of layoffs, with plans to cut 5% of its workforce, or 11,000 jobs.

AWS and SAP Expand Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation

AWS and SAP have announced a new partnership aimed at helping customers accelerate their digital transformation.

Samsung Expands ‘Self-Repair’ to Include Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Book Pro Series

Samsung is expanding its Self-Repair program to include Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra family, and the Galaxy Book Pro 15” and Galaxy Book Pro 360 15” PCs.

The Advantages of Using Outlook for Collaboration and Teamwork

In today’s tech savvy world, communication is key. Learn more about the advantages of using Outlook for collaboration and teamwork below.

IBM’s Entire AIX Development Is Now Based in India

IBM’s entire AIX development effort has been moved to India, a stark change from just a few months ago.

Didi Free to Accept New Signups As China Ends Tech Crackdown

In a sign that China’s war on tech is finally over, ride-sharing service Didi is once again free to accept new signups.

Apple TV Can’t Be Used Without Another Apple Device

In the latest evidence of how far Apple has fallen since the days of Steve Jobs, the Apple TV cannot be used without another Apple device.

Google Feels Left Out of Stalking Lawsuits, Plans AirTag Rival

While it’s no secret Apple and Google copy each other’s best features, it comes as something of a surprise that Google is working on an AirTag competitor.

SymphonyAI Taps Oracle for Cloud Services

Oracle has scored another win, partnering with SymphonyAI to provide it with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services.

EU Poised to Give Microsoft Antitrust Warning Over Activision Deal

Microsoft’s troubles with its Activision Blizzard deal are about to get worse, with the EU poised to give the company an antitrust warning.