Midjourney 5 Revolutionizes AI-Generated Images

Midjourney has become arguably the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) for text-to-image generation.

UK Narrows Its Focus In Microsoft/Activision Investigation

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is narrowing its focus as it investigates Microsoft’s proposed Activision Blizzard deal.

FTC Looking At Cloud Providers’ Business Practices

The Federal Trade Commission is taking a look at cloud providers’ business practices, asking the public for comments.

Analyst: Oracle Cloud Poised to Benefit From ‘4th Mover Advantage’

Oracle may have a ways to go before it threatens the cloud industry’s Big Three, but the company is poised to make big gains.

Apple Music Is Showing Other People’s Playlists

Apple Music seems to be experiencing a bug that causes other users’ playlists to show up in random users’ libraries.

Hyundai Isn’t Sold on Touchscreens, Vows to Keep Physical Controls

Touchscreens may be all the rage in new vehicles, but Hyundai isn’t sold on the idea and has vowed to keep using physical controls.

Ford’s EV Unit Is Losing Billions, Company Likens It to a Startup

Ford revealed that its EV unit is losing billions of dollars and says it should be viewed as a startup, one Ford is committed to.

JPMorgan Testing Biometrics to Replace Credit Cards

JPMorgan is testing a way to replace credit cards, using biometric identification as a way for users to pay for purchases.

Shopify and Google Cloud Expand Partnership

Shopify and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership to bring Google Cloud AI search capabilities to Shopify’s Commerce Components.

Microsoft Loop Online Collaboration Tool Is Available

Microsoft has taken the wraps off of Loop, the company’s online collaboration tool, making it available in public preview.

FTC Tackles Hard-to-Cancel Subscriptions

The FTC is tackling subscription services that make it hard to cancel or require users to call in to cancel.

California May Force Big Tech to Pay for News

California may join Australia and Canada in forcing Big Tech to pay for news content, setting up a major confrontation with Silicon Valley.

Windows 11 False Security Notification Rears Its Head Again

Windows 11 users are once again seeing the “standard hardware security not supported” notification.

WhatsApp Adds New Group Features

WhatsApp has added new group features, including improved control over group privacy and better community features.

JPMorgan: US ‘Past the Point of No Return’ and Headed Toward Recession

JPMorgan is sounding the warning about the US economy, saying it is “already past the point of no return.”

Intel Is Losing Its Head of Graphics

Intel is losing Raja Koduri, its head of graphics, when the company is trying to take on Nvidia and AMD.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Working on First Republic Rescue Plan

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is reportedly leading the charge to save First Republic Bank and restore confidence in the bank.

Google CEO: ‘Things Will Go Wrong’ With Bard AI

Google has finally released its Bard AI to the world, albeit via a waitlist, but Google CEO Sundar Pichai is warning “things will go wrong.”

Microsoft Brings DALL-E AI Image Creator to Bing

Microsoft is continuing its transformation of Bing into an AI powerhouse, adding the DALL-E AI image creator to its Bing AI.

Oracle Releases Java 20

Oracle has released Java 20, the latest Feature Release on the company’s six-month update cycle.