Best Sunglasses: Top 2014 Styles


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Everyone loves sunglasses, especially in the summertime.

While some people find a good pair of sunglasses and stick with them, others like to keep up with the newest trends and styles and buy several pairs at a time.

If you are wondering what this season's top sunglasses styles are, check out these four hot styles.

Some of these are a little pricey and others are more affordable, but can you really put a price on style?

Luxuriator Style 23 by Dolce and Gabana

These sunglasses just scream luxury and are perfect for any outfit and outing. These glasses are made by Dolce and Gabana and have buffalo ivory temples. They also have a hefty price, starting at $65,000 a pair.


Aviators are always in style and while they are still a bit pricey for some people, they are more affordable than other luxury brands. The newest line of aviators offers more colors and frame options with the same sleek lines and styles.

Serpenti By Bulgari

Serpenti sunglasses offer a classy and elegant look. They are stylish yet fun and come in a variety of designs. Snake scales and snake tails on the temple tips are just one of the ways Serpenti sunglasses stand out from other luxury brands.

Pop Power 2 from Christian Roth

If you want to get noticed, the Pop Power 2 sunglasses are the way to go. These big sunglasses are great for people who want to make a statement with their accessories and get noticed wherever they go. These shades are available in a number of neutral colors and tinted lenses.

What is your favorite style and how much is too much to pay for sunglasses?

Image via Wikimedia Commons