Google Launches Google Analytics Forums

    November 28, 2008

Google PagesAnyone whose used the Help Center over at Google knows that it leaves something to be desired in regards to Google Analytics, and other topics. Sure, you seem to always find something related, but not quite enough to help you out. You need specific answers, but searching through the “O’s” at the bottom of the page is just flat out irritating.

Google may have finally heard your collective sighs of frustration mixed with a little boredom, as they’ve announced the new Google+Analytics/”>Google Analytics Help Forum.

Google Launches Google Analytics Forums

That’s right, a forum. A place where you can ask questions, and get answers… specific answers!

You’ll be in direct contact with Google employees, top contributors, seasoned Analytics pros, and new posters. Worried that only n00bs will be "helping" you out? Fret not; answers are voted on by the community, with only the "Best Answers" gaining the visibility. Too make things even easier on you, as your typing your question a list of "Related Questions" will pop up.

If you’re afraid of change, and liked the old Help Center it’s still there. You can search until your heart’s content, but it is closed for new posts. This allows the Analytics team to give their full attention to the new forum.