Virgin America To Get In-Flight Broadband

    September 13, 2007

Virgin America has partnered with wireless communications provider AirCell to offer broadband Internet services for passengers traveling in the continental U.S. The service will launch sometime in 2008.

Passengers on Virgin America will be able to check email, surf the Web, stay connected with the workplace and keep up with news, using Virgin America’s Red in-flight entertainment system or their own Wi-Fi enabled device while in flight.

As part of the partnership, AirCell and Virgin America will integrate AirCell’s broadband service into Virgin America’s in-flight entertainment system, Red. The airline will launch the service on its entire fleet of planes.

"AirCell’s broadband service is the obvious choice to add to our guest experience," said Charles Ogilvie, Virgin America’s Director of In-flight Entertainment & Partnerships.

"Our goal with broadband is simple: let guests decide how and when they want to communicate and interact by providing relevant options. In AirCell we have a partner who knows and understands innovation."

In early August AirCell struck a deal with American Airlines to provide broadband on some of its overseas flights. The cost of the service will be announced at launch.

"The Virgin way of doing things is world renowned for good reason," said Jack Blumenstein, AirCell CEO. "Virgin brings radical, positive change to every industry in which it operates. The AirCell relationship is no different and we are proud to partner with Virgin America in one of the most significant transformative experiences in the airline industry."