Tomorrow Is Earth Day

    April 21, 2005

President Bush will visit a park in Tennessee to assist with a project there, in observance of Earth Day. Whether our two-term leader will plant a namesake has not been announced.

Friday marks the 35th anniversary of Earth Day. Its founder, former Senator Gaylord Nelson, cites two environmental issues as failures of leadership: energy conservation and population control.

While steps are and have been taken over the past three and a half decades to better conserve energy (look no farther than your bathroom and the meager tank atop your toilet), it is unclear as to what steps Mr. Nelson feels must be taken to control population growth.

The idea of Earth Day remains sound. Recycling your cans and paper, and taking care not to run water or use electricity in a wasteful fashion, are prudent ways to make a small, everyday difference on our planet Earth.

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