The PubCon Buzz: Day 2

    November 12, 2008
    Chris Crum

1WebProNews is in full force at Pubcon, this time not only covering the event, but presenting as well. Our own Mike McDonald spoke yesterday at the session titled: "Game On: Rocking Your Video Startup", and is speaking today at the one called "Five Bloggers and a Microphone – What’s the Worst That Can Happen?" He also moderated the session "How SMBs Can Use PR Campaigns to Grow Traffic."

Mike was also able to get a video interview with Lee Odden of TopRank, who discusses "pulling your reputation out of the gutter."

Again, our crew in Vegas sent back some notes to HQ, so we could get some articles up for you based on sessions they attended.

Aside from the video, our coverage in article form today includes:

Reputation Management Tips

Going Beyond Social Media Buzz

Real-World Winning Tactics for Content Creation,

Succeeding at Local and Mobile Search

Coverage of other sessions can be found at Search Engine Roundtable. Sessions like:

Ground-Up SEO Content Development as Pure Business Strategy

How SMBs Can Use PR Campaigns To Grow Traffic (moderated by Mike)

Competitive Intelligence : Know Thy Competitor Well

The Big Dedicated Server Payoff

Brand Reputation Monitoring & Management: Background & Tactics

Analytics Vendors and Package Implementation, and the

Keynote Address by George Wright of Blendtec has more on that keynote as well as the brand management session.

Then of course, there are the constant tweets rolling out faster than you can read them.

Jennita's tweet

A few that stuck out to me as I was perusing them included:

tonyadam says: For more info on indexable AJAX content see my post talking about AJAX and Web 2.0 for SEO friendly sites –

SEOMike says: If you outsource SEO be sure to make your SEO vendor sign an NDA. SEOs like to brag and your competitor might ask.

jennita says: hah! @oilman says give devleopers liquor and they will do work for you. include them, and they will be your friend. LOL

badijones says: Just finished "Interactive Site Reviews: Focus – Social Media". was a great session. Great panel. Want more like that.

I saw a lot of tweets mentioning partying, which seems to be a high priority for the PubCon crowd. Those who aren’t there are envious, and lament about missing the event.

So that’s a "brief" summary of Day Two. There will be plenty more coverage at WebProNews in article as well as video form throughout the conference, which doesn’t end until Friday. Check back often. View Day 1 coverage here.