Stop the Presses … Press Releases Are NOT Dead

    June 7, 2006

While we go through the many iterations of “the press release is dead” or “the press release must change” some funny news comes from InformationWeek today.

Press releases have overtaken trade press as sources of news for knowledge workers.

Think about that for a second – releases, which are supposed to be the bane of all PR existence because of spin and marketing, are looked to for information.

From the article comes this little bit:

Strouse posits several possible explanations for the rising popularity of press releases. “It may be that press releases are easier for people to get their hands on,” he says. “It may be that press releases are shorter and pithier. It may be that they’re oftentimes free and come right into an RSS reader.”

I take it a step further – think of how many people get their information from Yahoo! Finance or other online finance pages. Think of the news section on those pages … it’s a wire service feed, depending on which one the company uses.

So, an interesting twist: we can all agree that the press release needs to change (mostly, be newsworthy or better written), but we can see that there is still value with sending out a release.

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Jeremy Pepper is the CEO and founder of POP! Public Relations, a public relations firm based in Arizona, USA.

He authors the popular Musings from POP! Public Relations blog which offers Jeremy’s opinions and views – on public relations, publicity and other things.