Spending Time With The FriendFeed Team

    April 1, 2008

The one business that has most gotten my attention, other than Qik.com, so far this year is FriendFeed. They are growing very quickly, 25% every few days.

Today I was fortunate to meet up with co-founder Bret Taylor and Paul Buchheit. If you don’t read these two guys’ blogs (here’s Paul’s and here’s Bret’s), you really should, they have written a ton of stuff that entrepreneurs should read.

It’s long, 46 minutes or so, but today I visited FriendFeed’s offices and met up with their team, which includes some of the original authors of Google Maps and Google Gmail, who left Google to start FriendFeed. We cover a LOT of ground.

We learned a lot (there were people asking questions on my cell phone thanks to Qik) and we learned that they are attempting to build a new, scalable, culture.

At 2:57 we cover what FriendFeed is, that’s really where the interview starts getting interesting.

What do you think? Does your opinion of FriendFeed change after getting a chance to spend some time with Bret and Paul?

The first video ends abruptly when the 3G disappeared, we restarted the phone and finished off the interview here.