Sexy Micro-blogging Ensures Twitter Success

    January 23, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Perhaps it was an eventuality. All roads used to lead to Rome; now all superhighways lead to a crotch-shot. But this development is at least a testament to the power of the Twitter concept: the cybersex crowd has taken it up.

If a message on Twitter is called a "tweet," is a message on boobik called a "tw…" –never mind.

Sexy Micro-blogging Ensures Twitter Success

I’m not going to link to it. I’d rather not be accused of encouraging the darker side* of human anima**. If you want to know, there are methods and technologies for finding things on the Internet and I suggest you use the one of your choice. It’s not safe for work (NSFW) just so you know.

Boobik’s "first timer’s short introduction" reads this way:

"boobik is a place to meet people the sexy way.

You can get to know people through them sharing and broadcasting short experiences, thoughts and fantasies. By that we mean what they did last night, just now (hand in skirt under the desk), with whom and how many times). And don’t forget them pictures as well…

You can follow others and receive immediate updates.

Texts (short, quick, max. 140 characters), pictures and videos are welcome.

You can post via the site, IM, Text Messages or simply by Email."

An even shorter introduction: boobik works exactly like Twitter.

Everybody knows by now that when the sex industry or culture adopts a new technology or platform, it’s an early indicator of the technology’s or platform’s eventual success. But it also brings up other uses that are especially suited for micro-blogging platforms: niche uses.

Twitter is broad and doesn’t list any specific purpose, making it a micro-blogging platform for the masses. Certainly, users within this particular digital microcosm can form groups by following specific people and thus whittling down contacts according to similar interests.

But the concept now has limitless applications, and sort of becomes the next generation of the chat room or the online forum, and adds a mobile aspect which allows people to stay connected to others in their "tribe" on a relatively continuous, short-winded basis.

Now that the sex-centered side of the spectrum is taking it up, how long until we see Twitter-type platforms being applied to car enthusiasts, knitting, scuba divers, religious discussions, and well, you name it? 

* Whether or not it is "the dark side" of course depends on your viewpoint of human sexuality and to what extent certain aspects of our anima are tolerated. These things, naturally, are culturally defined, so ascribe whichever moral acuity suits you best.

** This is not meant to imply any inter-species activity, so put up a roadblock in front of that thought. And for the extra-pedantic, I understand that "anima" is traditionally reserved in Jungian psychology for a type of "soul" aspect. I’m using it (appropriately or not) to mean a more direct opposite to "persona," or the outer aspect of personality that serves as a type of socially-acceptable mask, your human (public) self versus your animal (private) self. In the broader sense, then, the antithesis of this might be defined (as I am doing) as the animal, bestial nature of humans, which cares nothing for social acceptability and focuses on the core physical necessities, which epicureans and hedonists tend to focus on. It may also be appropriate to refer to it as the secret, private self, but I think it is largely driven by evolutionary, natural factors that humans’ personas have a difficult time dealing with, i.e., their egos don’t like to be placed on a level with other animals, as though their separateness from the animal kingdom and it’s natural-yet-amoral laws makes them a higher sort of life form. (You may also call it the I’d-rather-be-an-alien complex.)