Search Marketing Measurement

    June 8, 2007

Close to nine in 10 U.S. search marketers now measure campaign return on investment (ROI), according to iProspect’s "Search Marketer Measurement & Performance Study," done by JupiterResearch.

Search Marketing Measurement
"Search Marketing Measurement"
Search Marketing Measurement

Study participation was regulated to search marketers who out sourced the management of their search engine optimization campaigns and used paid search advertising.

The study revealed that 86 percent of search marketers used metrics to gauge their campaigns.

Half of search marketers had their performance based on total sales, while close to half were based on ROI and 42 percent were based on return on advertising spending (ROAS).

Robert Murray of iProspect said, "What search marketer wouldn’t rather have their performance evaluation based upon what their efforts actually netted – such as an additional $3 million in sales or 20% increase in ROAS – than an additional 20,000 visitors a month?"