Resonant Leadership

    November 24, 2005

Being away from the computer for 16 hours means I can do some thinking about my life.

At the airport I bought a book just on a whim. I like reading business books, so grabbed Resonant Leadership by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee.

It spoke to me, cause I see myself making many of the same mistakes that the executives are making. Not spending enough energy on relationships. Or on myself (lack of exercise is one of the warning signs they point out).

One thing I picked up on in the book is how many times they used the words relationship and listening. Listening is a hard thing to do. I find that lately I’m having a tougher time listening and just being there for my friends and family. They call this the “sacrifice syndrome” and they say that many leaders fall into this kind of rut.

The book overall won’t appeal to everyone. It’s a bit mushy and gets into the spiritual side of life a bit more than your average business book. But, that’s especially what a lot of managers need in this “all tech, all the time” world.

They have tons of deep work with executives at recognizable companies and detail where they derailed their careers and how they got them back on track.

How do you renew yourself? What business books have you gotten value out of? I’ll republish this over on our book blog too.

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