Newsweek, Media Bloggers Association Cause Ruckus

    December 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Bloggers from the left, center, and right sides of the political spectrum opened a group blog on called The Ruckus.

Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association (MBA) said The Ruckus "places Newsweek on the cutting edge of this campaign season’s online political dialogue."

Nine bloggers from an assortment of sites will contribute to the blog, as noted in the announcement about The Ruckus:

John Amato,;
Faye Anderson,;
Dean Barker,;
Adam Fogle,;
Joe Gandelman,;
James Joyner,;
Ed Morrissey,;
Oliver Willis,;
and Chris Woods,

"We think ‘The Ruckus’ will help introduce readers to a new array of voices and will encourage enlightened political discourse as the ’08 race steps into high gear," Deidre Depke, editor of, said in a statement.

The cross-section of posts on the site presents an opening paragraph from a participating blogger. To read more, the visitor hits a link that goes to the blog’s home. This arrangement looks fair: Newsweek benefits from the added content, and bloggers receive visitors from links on The Ruckus.

Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama occupy the thoughts of bloggers currently atop The Ruckus’ posts at press time. This aggregator should serve nicely at exposing visitors to a swath of varied opinions during the run-up to Election ’08.