Newspaper Websites Pull In 70 Million Visitors In June

Reach 36% of Internet users

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Newspaper websites attracted more than 70.3 million unique visitors in June, reaching 35.9 percent of all Internet users, according to a custom report by Nielsen Online for the Newspaper Association of America.

News paper website visitors viewed 3.5 billion page views during the month, spending 2.7 billion minutes browsing the sites in more than 597 million sessions.

"The newspaper audience continues to expand as publishers aggressively capitalize on their investments in digital properties, adding robust features and launching new products to attract a highly valuable consumer audience," said NAA President and CEO John F. Sturm. 

Nielsen Online Press Release
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"Advertisers who want to reach consumers ready to make purchasing decisions continue to use the trusted newspaper brand to ensure their messages are heard through the crowd."

The Nielsen numbers come as early data from a MORI Research survey of 3,000 adults, indicates that newspaper advertising remains the leading medium cite by consumers in planning, shopping and making purchasing decisions. More than half (59%) report newspaper advertising helps them plan purchasing decisions.

The majority (82%) of newspaper readers took some action as a result of a print newspaper ad in the past 30 days: 61 percent clipped a coupon, 50 percent bought something advertised and 52 visited a store.

While the number are impressive, it’s no secret the newspaper industry as a whole continues to struggle. In March the Hearst Corporation announced it was ending the print edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and going to an online-only publication. In February, E.W. Scripps announced it was shuttering the entire 150 year-old Rocky Mountain News.



Newspaper Websites Pull In 70 Million Visitors In June
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  • http://www.Tribal-Sports-Wear.net Blank Apparel Club

    Well I think it’s about time that newspaper companies finally have claimed their share of the internet. I can only hope that this will build to the point where they stop printing actual newspapers. With all the Hyp on eco-friendly business, I can only hope it will mean the end to all the paper waste by this industry.

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    We do our part, we don’t print paper catalogs for our T-Shirts!

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Home Solar Power Systems

    Good that news paper companies have claimed their share through internet. The majority 82% of news paper readers took some the other initiative in printing the news paper. Also its not that every one can access to the internet and read new paper.

  • http://www.india-designers.net India Designers

    Really the readers of online newspaper increasing day by day. Millions of users visits news paper sites every day. Consequently most of advertise are liking advertise their business through online newspaper sites. Newspapers websites are making good amount of revenue through its online sites. Indeed online news paper industry booming.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Sarah Edwards

    It’s great to see that people are using the internet as a place to find quality news and content. If 2.7 billion minutes were spent reading the news online maybe this shows web users aren’t as impatient as we always assume, and that if peopel spend time writing quality content, people will continue to spend time reading it.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk/ adrian

    Yes I agree , the internet newspaper is an eco-friendly business! Newspapers will soon be like Video tapes! There will end up been a small minority reading an Newspaper in the future – mainly people who aren’t interested in technology or the elderly. I am pleased and support online newspapers to maximum.

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  • http://www.controldatainc.com agency collection

    I know the local newspapers here are hurting bad for money. They have to put people out on the street corners every sunday just to sell their sunday papers.

  • Guest

    The American news paper sites are waste.Just corporate propaganda & censoring of news related to some areas of world or only one sided news.BBC news is better compared to all other news sites.Al jazeera is also good.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/theclickbankprofitsystemreview Clickbank Profit System

    Saves on printing costs and its a good idea to go online since readers are more internet savvy.

  • Robo

    I still prefer reading a newspaper printed on paper.

    The most important and most valuable reason – I can tell how important a story is going to be by how and where it’s placed in the newspaper today and comparing that to how and where the follow-up stories are displyed in future editions. You can’t do this with a digital version of the newspaper.

    • Guest

      In response to the comment from Robo, “I can tell how important a story is going to be by how and where it’s placed in the newspaper today and comparing that to how and where the follow-up stories are displyed in future editions. You can’t do this with a digital version of the newspaper.”

      It depends on the online publication’s design. I am the editor of a collection of local news sites – each one focuses on a single town – and the main stories are displayed in a revolving “feature box” each day. Generally, a story stays in that box no more than two days and new ones are added everyday – up to 5. Also, there is a “most commented” column that tells the readers which stories other members of their community feel are most important.

      I also imbed polls in stories that I believe will be important to people in town, and there is a comment section – so, unlike print editions, there’s an opportunity for immediate and ongoing discussion – not to mention the ability to forward the story to others.

  • Micke Hakansson

    internet is the best way to publish and read news !


    is one site

  • Guest

    I don’t think people go to American news paper sites for news.It is censored & twisted.They go their for entrainment.

    • Guest


  • http://www.nutrecare.co.uk Guest

    i must admit ive started using online newspapers, theres a lot more information in them, plus you dont have to go and get one from the shop.

  • http://www.buyfeliwayonline.co.uk Feliway

    It cuts down on rubbish to!!

  • http://www.YourClaremontPress.com Guest

    In Claremont, NH the local newspaper went bankrupt. Five days later YourClaremontPress.com was launched and in 3 wks is gettting over 5000 hits a a week. It has a lot of neat features that keep the visitors coming back.

  • http://www.hdvideoconvertermac.com/ Guest

    It’s convenient for users to look newspaper by pc.

  • Guest

    What a lot of businesses are discovering is that if they place an ad in an online publication – especially if it isn’t a cluttered Web site – that ad is there everyday, all day. In our publications, you click on the “banner” and it takes you to the business’s own Web site or to one we create for them, which can be updated daily with sales info or coupons, etc. not to mention photos of their products – even a Podcast from the business owner. Coupons can be printed out, as well.

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    I believe the key word *access* is very important for a newspaper while online. Closing itself to *subscription* only to read their content, will leave a bad taste since it’s well known advertising is a $$ generator already. I think it’s great that newspapers are showing a greater online presence and ability to provide coupons does cater to the *instant* gratification of the consumer. :)

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