Mobile Customer Service Improving

    July 31, 2007

U.S. mobile users say their service problems are handled more efficiently than in the past according to J.D. Power and Associates "2007 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study."

Mobile Customer Service Improving
Mobile Customer Service Improving

More that 40 percent of mobile customers had contacted customer service within the past year. Forty-three percent of those who did had billing questions, and 56 percent of those questions were concerning inaccurate charges.

Seventy-three percent of those who contacted customer service used the phone and 23 percent went to their carrier’s retail store. Just 4 percent used email.

The average hold time for customers who called was 3 minutes. Customers who went to their carrier’s store waited on average more than eight minutes before talking to a representative.

Mobile users intention to switch carriers was six times greater for those whose problems had not been resolved (19%) compared with users who problems were resolved (3%).