Microsoft Prolongs XP’s Life Yet Again

Late May delivery now on the table

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Windows XP is, in a sense, like a horror movie franchise that the studio just won’t let die.  Microsoft has said it will deliver XP licenses up until May 30th, 2009, even though January 31st of the same year was supposed to represent a death date of sorts.

Actually, January 30th, 2008 was the first deadline XP faced.  One extension occurred, and then perhaps thanks to the 200,000 signatures collected by the "Save XP" drive, a planned June 30th cutoff was disregarded, as well.

Windows XP

Now, Nilay Patel reports, "Vendors will still have to place their orders before the official cutoff date of January 31, but they won’t have to take delivery (or pay, we’d imagine) until May.  All of this is supposed to alleviate the problem of vendors stockpiling copies of XP — it wouldn’t be good for Microsoft if manufacturers start charging a demand-related premium for XP licenses after Redmond goes Vista-only."

And Vista’s unpopularity is almost certainly one reason behind Microsoft’s move.  All sorts of companies and organizations have failed to embrace the operating system, even as many individuals continue to regard it with suspicion (see Microsoft’s own Mojave ad campaign).

Growth in the netbook sector may be to thank or blame (depending on one’s point of view), as well, since most of those machines aren’t even capable of running Vista.

Bookies are probably taking bets as to whether another extension will keep XP around until Windows 7 is released.

Microsoft Prolongs XP’s Life Yet Again
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  • http://www.microsplot.com/vista bszlachta

    I suspect we’re getting a look at where Windows 7 will find its strongest competition: people everywhere saying “No thanks, I’ll hang on to my XP”.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    Win XP Pro is probably the best they have done, why change or discontinue something that is working pretty well? A better version than Win XP Pro would be a strip down version of the software where you can pick what plugins you want installed.

  • http://www.truslerlegal.com Deborah Bradley

    I’m still using XP and I’m still hesitant on using Vista, for me XP is the most stable system that they have release.

  • James

    Long live Ubuntu! Free and easy to use…..I’m never looking back.

  • http://www.treefrogtechnologies.com Stevefranklin182

    Why does Microsoft keep shooting itself, and its customers, in the foot? As soon as one operating system becomes relatively stable they release another just to begin the process all over again. XP Pro works pretty good and I will stick with that.

  • Ianpb

    I don’t understand why Microsoft continually stick with 32-bit operating systems. Modern hardware is now compliant with 64-bit operating systems. If Microsoft would release a 64-bit system only(maybe a Pro and cut down Home version), then developers will be forced to provide drivers, etc. plus all the extra memory will be available.

    Then we can at last move forward.

    • Guest

      xp does have a x64 version (Strangely named Windows XP Pro X64) aswell as every flavor of vista is available as x64

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    I always believe the saying ‘If it ain’t broken, why fix it?’ I have been using XP for all these while and it has performed very well with 4 GB SDRAM so I do not think I will be switching over to a new O/S any sooner as I may have to face problems with drivers.

  • http://www.abuseisnotlove.org dj Nemesis

    Well.. i have both, and the great thing of vista that i find good is that when it crashes.. my programs keep running and i can restasrt windows explorer so it can stop from being frozen and the programs dont restart.. its awesome when my xp crasshes im screwed it dosnt repond until i put task manager and delete the program.. if your working on something important your files are gone with vista no.. i also think the windows look way better.

  • Guest

    Having been a computer repair technician since 1976, I have seen every major operating system on the market. For longevity, compatibility, stability, overall usefulness and ease of repair, XP has my vote. Vista is second-generation Windows Millennium Edition for it’s ability to die without reason and it’s incapability of being compatible with anything at all.
    Repairing XP is cut and dried. Simple and not overly time consuming. Vista is a certifiable nightmare. And when it dies there is absolutely no saving it. Time to wipe your drive and files and start all over again.
    Microsoft wants and needs to progress forward, but they should continue with XP as well since is is still a viable product. There is still money to be made from it. Vista is making us repairmen rich.

  • http://www.trainingreiki.com reiki

    XP is more stable then vista, there is still a long way for vista to be updated and changed to be made to make vista more stable like XP

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