LM-X License Management Software for C# .NET

    November 10, 2004

X-Formation announced the release of its LM-X license management software for the C# .NET language.

This release extends X-Formation’s current lineup of supported languages, which also includes C and C++.

LM-X gives application developers multi-level licensing options, providing out-of-the-box support for common models such as hardware-locked and networked (floating) licenses.

“With this release we have responded to numerous requests to bring our strong, cost-effective license management solution to C# developers,” said Henrik Goldman, X-Formation president. “With this release, we bring all of the advantages of the LM-X product to the .NET platform, enabling developers to attain new revenue streams by harnessing multiple sources of licensing, with a minimum of required integration effort.”

Today’s release of LM-X incorporates new security elements which help to provide strengthened license management solution for C, C++ and C# software applications. “Unlike some other license management solutions, LM-X is built from the ground up to not only allow flexibility in licensing options, but also to deter piracy,” commented Mr. Goldman. “We know that most ‘home-grown’ license management solutions are easily broken, whereas LM-X is designed specifically to withstand attacks, enhancing the ROI gained by our customers.”

LM-X integrates easily into existing code to provide a wide range of licensing models, as well as supporting custom extensions, to enable secure, flexible license management.

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