Have you heard iHeard?

    October 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The firm behind the SearchForVideo, NewsToWatch, and Podanza search sites has launched one for Internet radio broadcasts.

iHeard is more like the Yahoo of 1996 than the one that just launched its powerful Search Assist for public use. Fusa Capital backs iHeard and the aforementioned sites, with iHeard aimed at both Internet simulcasts of terrestrial radio as well as Internet-only plays.

It’s in beta, but it looks more like an alpha release aside from a decent layout and navigation setup. A number of stations simply would not play, and while that isn’t iHeard’s fault, those of us who are used to search sites delivering us to a destination don’t appreciate a series of results that show “Connecting…” and nothing else.

I found a glaring omission from iHeard’s index – no result for longtime netcaster 3WK. Keep trying, folks.