Google Temporarily Inaccessible In Germany

By: Doug Caverly - March 7, 2008

A few inches of snow are supposed to fall on Lexington, Kentucky today, and if history is any indicator, everything will cease to work.  Yesterday, folks in Germany had it comparatively easy – only Google didn’t function.

Google Temporarily Inaccessible In Germany

Reports of problems practically flooded Google Blogoscoped, and a forum thread linked to by Barry Schwartz is 14 pages in length.  To their credit, affected individuals took the matter well; the first page of that Abakus thread is full of winking, smiling, and laughing emoticons.

Also, it’s only fair to Google (and/or German ISPs) to point out that everything is working again at this point.

Still, the cause of the problem remains less than clear.  Philipp Lenssen received a statement from Google Germany, and translated it to read, "Apparently this afternoon there were problems with accessing Google through a provider."

Yet Lenssen continues, "According to a brief news item just posted, German Telekom stated that Google was down for them too but that they were not able to see anything wrong with their own net infrastructure."

Go figure.  At least, unlike certain American states, Germany has figured out how to deal with three inches of white stuff.

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