Google Reader Continues to Get More Social

    May 22, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has been adding social elements to Google Reader lately. A while back, they added the commenting feature. Just this week, they introduced Friends Trends and improved the comments feature (among other updates).

Friends Trends

Now Google is highlighting the ability to create and share custom feed bundles. "Have you ever had a friend you just knew would love your three favorite blogs about education policy?" asks Brad Hawkes at the Google Reader Blog. "Do you know all the best sources for celebrity gossip? Or maybe a friend who knows where to get the best baseball commentary?"

To create custom bundles to share with friends, simply click "Browse for stuff" and create one. You can drag feeds or folders into the box and add the bundle to your shared items.

Google Reader Bundling

Bundles you create will be automatically shared with your reader friends. In addition, you can email bundles, and post them to your blog. You can also browse your friends’ bundles.

To me, each of these features represents just another brick in the social media wall that Google has been building for years. Perhaps the company will figure out a way to push RSS into the mainstream.