Google Going South?

    December 21, 2006

Google has possible expansion plans near the South Carolina coast. The company confirmed they were considering the Goose Creek area in Berkley County, which is around 20 miles from Charleston.

Google would not give details about the expansion but company spokesman Barry Schnitt said,” We are expanding our technology infrastructure to support the strong and growing demand for our services. As a result, we are evaluating a number of sites, including Goose Creek. We hope to have additional details to announce in the coming months.”

Last week a new company called Maguro Enterprises paid close to $17 million for 520 acres in Berkley County according to property records. Some of the documents from the sale were notarized in Santa Clara County, California. Google headquarters are also located there.

Schnitt would not comment on what Maguro purchased or the location. All parties involved have remained secretive about the deal. In October Berkley County approved tax incentives for development, which were called “Project X” and “Project Y”.

Recently the name was changed to Pyrite LLC. Pyrite has plans to invest $750 million and employ around 400 workers making an average of $90,000 a year according to Jim Rozier, Berkley county supervisor.

Rozier would not reveal details as to the identity of Pyrite or comment on Google’s possible expansion. He did say the company behind Pyrite was “a very high- tech firm”. Rozier said the prospect he worked with was pre-permitted for construction and had “to be near a lot of electricity and a lot of water.” The Charleston Post and Courier reported.

At the close of 2005 Google had 5,700 employees and offices worldwide including Atlanta, Chapel Hill, and Washington.


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