Google Beta Testing Site-Targeted CPC

    February 14, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Cost per click bidding for site-targeted campaigns has been opened as a beta test for Google’s AdWords clients.

The test actually begins in March, but Google is taking signups from interested advertisers now.

Google asks whether the client has opted in to the content network, and if site targeting is currently in use. In the run-up to the test, Google will contact applicants to let them know if they have been selected for the test.

The Inside AdWords crew blogged about the benefits of site-targeted CPC in a recent post:

Increased flexibility. Select the content network sites you want your ads to appear on and choose the bidding option that fits your needs. If clicks are your goal, try CPC bidding so you pay only when you get the result you want.

Full control. Create new CPC site-targeted campaigns, or switch your existing campaigns between CPC and CPM at any time. As always, you retain full control over your budgets and bids.

At, Brad Geddes mentioned the beta test, and also described how advertisers can be successful with a site targeted campaign from a CPM perspective, necessary currently to compete for placement on specific content network sites:

•  Know where a publisher is showing ads on a page (above/below fold)
•  Understand the publisher