Firefox Should Achieve Market Share Milestone In July

    June 3, 2008

Firefox has two important days coming up, and the exact dates of both of them remain unknown.  To discuss the first, anyway, Firefox should hit the 20 percent mark in terms of market share sometime next month.

Internet Explorer’s market share is still above 70 percent, so this achievement won’t exactly correspond to the end of its ruling era.  Data from Net Applications at least shows IE on the way down even as Firefox goes up (hitting 18.41 percent in May), though, so fans of the underdog have that to cheer about.

Vince Vizzaccaro, the executive vice president of marketing at Net Applications, confirmed for Gregg Keizer, "Firefox is surging again, but their gains when reviewed over time aren’t out of the ordinary.  Other than the stagnation Firefox experienced in mid-2007, their growth has been fairly consistent."

Now, for what Firefox hopes will be inconsistent in a good way: setting the Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in a single day.  Should this happen in the near future, it’ll almost certainly send the browser over 20 percent.  If it happens later, just count the gains towards the 25 and 30 percent marks.

Surprises aren’t always nice, but at least in this case, Firefox should be okay with the unpredictability.