Easy SEM Advice That Really Isn

    March 8, 2007

I read more search engine marketing blogs than you would probably ever want to. One thing that continually re-appears, even amongst the industry leaders, are endless lists of easy-sounding advice usually with a DIY (Do it Yourself) slant. They include things like:

  • Build a better website
  • Become / Look like an authority
  • Improve your brand
  • Increase your website conversion ratio
  • Build high quality links

I could probably list off hundreds more that have similar posts; what they authors don’t tell you is that, while these tips are easy to give, many of them are difficult to execute and therefore not easy advice. All businesses are faced with limited resources (time and money). They have to earn an ROI (Return on Investment) on all the resources they’ve already invested and all of this has to happen at the same time they’re competing with other companies with similar online marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

Making all of that work together is very difficult, which is why most websites and online companies are relatively unsuccessful. Luckily for website owners, the internet audience is growing at such a fast pace (broad band is spreading like a disease in first world countries, and all the second and third world countries are coming online en masse) that there are a lot of great opportunities that are relatively easy to take advantage of, but they’re not in DIY search marketing or in making lists of generic things like create better content.

These opportunities exist in putting together the resources to start moving in the direction of the future and aggressively beginning to build your online presence RIGHT NOW. You can even lay out a framework for continuous future improvements. Here are some ideas:

1. Figure out a budget you can afford initially. Consult with an individual or company that understands how web design / development and online marketing WORK TOGETHER. Create a plan or get an idea of how to approach the marketing and carve out a niche or stylized delivery before you ever start.

2. Find a team that does both IT and web design / development and marketing (usually calling themselves search marketers). If you can’t find someone who does both, then pick two groups that take care of each task. Take you initial budget and spend half of it on web design / development and the other half on marketing and promotion. To compete you’re going to need both.

3. Start producing content and using the new website / development features you have, working with your online marketing team to do community building (the fun stuff) and increase the size of your online presence.

4. Take the increased revenue from your campaign and re-invest a portion of it, again splitting it evenly between web design / development and marketing. Consider your website an ongoing expense and continually work to build your brand using the services of knowledgeable individuals.

The race is on; the sooner you start, the easier it will be to gain success. Start blogging, start promoting yourself online, find / hire an online marketing / search marketing company and, most importantly, do it NOW!

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