Don’t Get Too Attached To Editing Wikipedia

At Least Without Flagged Revision

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It’s about to get harder to edit a Wikipedia entry. That is unless those who oppose the concept can come up with a better idea.

Who among us hasn’t encountered some false information on the site at one time or another. The goal here is to make Wikipedia, which is one of the most popular sites on the web, a more reliable place for obtaining accurate information. That can’t be a bad thing from the average user’s perspective.

However, out of users, 60% want to see the tightening of controls, while 40% still don’t. After all, Wikipedia was built on a philosophy that allows anyone to add information.
Jimmy Wales
Times change though. Sites evolve. Wikipedia gets ranked high on Google for many, many searches. People looking for information want accuracy. A lot of us know that we can’t always trust everything we read on Wikipedia. But how often does this phase the common searcher? Is this a concept that runs through little Johnny’s mind when he’s researching U.S. Presidents for his social studies paper?

It’s not like users can’t still submit edits. It should just be a little less chaotic this way, and ideally more useful in the long run for the majority of the site’s users.

The process is called Flagged revisions, and has already been in place at the German-Language version of the site according to ITWorld. That seems to be the way it’s going to go, but those opposed can share their ideas with management. If they come up with something better, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will consider it.

Don’t Get Too Attached To Editing Wikipedia
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  • http://www.mattybyloos.com Matty Byloos

    I remember when I used to teach English, the first couple of student’s papers that came in with Wikipedia references. Now this was a couple of years ago, but I distinctly recall banning use of the online encyclopedia as a proper reference. There was something just not-quite-right about teaching a college class and not making sure the kids could do proper scholarly research. Maybe just my bias…

  • http://dofollow001.com/ AndyW

    I don’t think that it is your bias Matty, not many academics would consider Wikipedia an authoritative source.

    I’m glad it’s there though because it does fill a knowledge vacuum that exists in the world wide web

  • http://www.pr-interactive.com FL Web Design

    I have wikipedia. Mostly garbage and opinions

  • http://www.thickgeek.com james

    I am never a big fan of wiki, who can trust the source of information from internet

    • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

      Same here, not really a good source of facts…

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    Wikipedia is like all reference sources to be taken as is one of many.
    when searching for information you do not just look there you look in many places.If all sources seem to come to the same answer or information. then it is probably correct.but if Wikipedia differs to a great degree than the people supplying information are probably incorrect.This is what the web is about lots of information on a subject from many sources. the links from Wikipedia pages are very important as they cannot all be edited by the public so verifying or proving the answers false & giving you further places to look for it.

    • Chris Crum

      “when searching for information you do not just look there you look in many places.” –Well put.

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    I always look for reference or info on Wikipedia. But i hardly doubt the information in it as they have cited their sources.. and from there on, you can verify the credibility of the information. But not all information on it are cited.. So there you go.. :-)

    I still think Wikipedia is one of the best places to go on the web!

  • http://askabroker.com Mike

    Regardless, it gets tons of traffic and some information is usefull.

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