CellphediaThe Next Distraction From Driving, Dinner, And All Things Not Lame

    August 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Could we stop making up words, please? It was cute at first, but now it’s terribly annoying as the squiggly red lines on my word processor stretch across my screen candy cane style. Thanks to an NYU grad student, we get to add another word to the effluvium of techno-jargon logorrhea.

Cellphedia, as Limor Garcia has dubbed it, is wikipedia for mobile messaging.

“The first ubiquitous social encyclopedia,” cellphedia is a mobile phone text application that allows users to send and receive inquiries (and answers) through text messaging.

By registering at the site, users can start building the quick reference service by asking and answering other users’ questions “where-ever” (yes, that’s how they spelled it) cell phone service is available.

As Dave at PassingNotes.com pointed out, if you have a pressing question like, “why do tennis balls have yellow fuzz?” You may quickly be answered with “the optic yellow color is the most visible color especially on TV.”

Or, like a raucous round of Balderdash, you may get a wrong answer, as Cellphedia’s archives illustrate. Did you know that Fort Bragg was in California? Neither did I. Thanks for the infomation, “stuartml.”

Now, I have a cell phone after years of reservations about carrying around an “electronic leash” that doesn’t allow the luxury of not being home. The necessity, the utility, the convenience and the inexpensiveness finally broke me down into getting one.

However, texting, in general, has not really flipped my switches. It’s still easier to call somebody.

To echo again our friend Dave, we Americans still have to pay outrageous text fees to send between the towers, so it may be a while before cellphedia rises to zeitgeist status.

Further, if you’re texting while eating dinner with me, I’m driving a fork through your number pad. And for Heaven’s sake, stop talking and make a proper left turn.