AOL to Offer Online Degree Programs

    December 6, 2004

Recognizing the growing demand for online degree programs, America Online and ClassesUSA announced a partnership.

They will offer a vast directory of online degree and certificate programs from more than 100 of the nation’s top accredited colleges and universities to AOL members.

The directory will be a part of AOL Research & Learn, which is consistently rated as the #1 education site online, according to comScore MediaMetrix. The partnership will transform the AOL Research & Learn Online Campus and serve as part of an overall enhancement of the channel’s online learning and reference suite for kids, teens, and adults. This updated Research & Learn area will be available on the web in the first half of 2005.

More than one million students are expected to enroll in online learning programs by 2005, according to Eduventures, a worldwide authority on the education industry, which also predicts that the online distance learning market will grow more than 38% in 2004, to reach revenue of $5.1 billion. This demand reflects increased interest in the attainment of higher education, as statistics show that a person with a B.A. will earn, on average, 62% more than someone who has not completed a postsecondary degree.

“The online classroom offers flexibility and accessibility to students of any age, particularly those who work full-time, who are stay-at-home parents, who don’t want to relocate, or who live and work abroad,” said Martin Moe, Vice President, AOL Life Management. “At AOL, we’re focused on making the lives of our members easier and more rewarding, and this partnership with ClassesUSA helps us fulfill that mission.”

ClassesUSA’s comprehensive directory of online programs lets members who visit the new AOL Online Campus explore opportunities by degree level and by categories — such as nursing, IT, business, criminal justice, and engineering. The partnership also provides AOL members access to content and in-depth articles about online degrees, financial aid, accreditation, and more.

“ClassesUSA’s experience in the online higher education marketplace, along with our relationships with leading colleges and universities, brings AOL members an unmatched array of educational resources,” says Jordon Keltz, CEO of ClassesUSA. “Our ability to inform users about the benefits of online learning and then instantly connect them to those opportunities is an essential tool for those wishing to advance their educational and career goals.”

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