Woman Ate Only Starbucks for All of 2013

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Her name is Beautiful Existence. That is her real name. And for the entirety of 2013, she ate nothing that did not come from Starbucks. Yahoo News reports that she lost weight, and that she feels great.

In what appears to be a Bizarro-World version of Supersize Me, the Seattle woman resolved at this time last year to spend her entire year eating only items from Starbucks. She has 2 children, who were exempt from the Starbucks-only rule.

Beautiful Existence is getting considerable attention for completing her "challenge", but it turns out this is not the first such endeavor she has undertaken, and it will not be the last.

In 2011, she resolved to "to take on Parents magazine, the articles, suggestions, items and even advertisements". Essentially she tried out every tip in Parents magazine, tried the products they reviewed and advertised, and blogged about the entire experience.

In 2010, she bought all her clothing, and quite a few other household items, exclusively at Goodwill stores. Again, she blogged about the experience.

Of course, she also has a plan for 2014. She will take on every recreational sport offered by Washington-based REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.). There are over 80 sports on her list to try.

Naturally, the first thing that most people ask when they hear about her seemingly bizarre self-challenges is, "Why?" And she is well aware that this is the primary response she will get. So, she answers that on her website:


Well, that’s just one of the questions I get from people … And then over the course of a conversation I see people start coming up with less questions about why and how I will complete this challenge but start suggesting and creating more and more ideas and content for my year with their own curiosities … those questions that leave you with more questions… those questions that eventually work your mind into breaking down the how and why of something and start becoming the “what if” and “what about that!” thoughts that I love about what I do!

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