VGX 2013: Remedy Shares More Quantum Break Details, Announces Agents Of Storm


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Remedy Entertainment has made a name for itself with games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. For its next title on the Xbox One, it's moving beyond games that are titled after their lead character and into the whacky world of time manipulation with Quantum Break.

On Saturday night, Remedy were at VGX to share more details about Quantum Break. We all know that it involves time manipulation and that it incorporates a live action TV show into its narrative. While the team didn't really say much about the latter, it did offer a few more details about the game part of Quantum Break.

In the below gameplay trailer, you'll get to see the kind of gameplay that Remedy is shooting for in Quantum Break. Like its previous games, there will be a heavy focus on action and gunplay. In fact, the game's developers say that the game offer the cinematic gunplay of Max Payne alongside the more methodical gameplay found in Alan Wake's light/dark mechanic. In other words, there will be a lot of shooting combined with requiring players to make clever use of their time powers.

Check it out:

If you want to learn more about Quantum Break, check out the below interview with Oskari Hakkinen of Remedy:

Quantum Break wasn't the only game that Remedy had at VGX though. The team was also on hand to announce a new game for iOS called Agents of Storm. It's a reverse tower defense game that has players sending in fleets of ships to destroy a base.

Here's the game in action:

Quantum Break will launch exclusively on the Xbox One at some point in the future. As for Agents of Storm, it will be available on iOS devices in 2014.

[Image: gametrailers/YouTube]