Klarna Execs Pinned With Alleged Molestation Charge


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Not an incredible amount of information is known, but it has been reported by a couple of sources that Klarna executives Jens Saltin and Niklas Adalberth have been charged with allegedy molesting a young woman in a hotelroom. Popular website TechCrunch reports that officials released a report giving sparse details of the alleged act. The report reads:

“defendant Adalberth straddled informant, both defendants removed informant’s clothes, and defendant Adalberth grabbed informant’s breast. Deponent is further informed that she did not consent to said conduct.”

The New York Post reports similarly saying the Swedes allegedly pinned the woman to her bed while Adalberth straddled her as Saltin ripped off her clothes. Not much else is known about the case besides the very sparse details, apparently representatives want to keep everything on the down-low. Saltin and Adalberth have been released on 10,000 dollars bail.

If any other details should emerge, WebProNews will sufficiently report on the subject to bring the case into more concise light.