Kendall Jenner Kisses 2014 Goodbye With Sexy Bikini Selfie

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Kendall Jenner kissed 2014 goodbye by posted one last sexy bikini selfie to her Instagram account. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posed in front of a full length mirror, wearing a skimpy brown bikini.

She and pals Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid are vacationing in Dubai in celebration of ringing in the New Year. The girls arrived in Abu Dhabi a few days ago.

Kendall captioned her sexy selfie, "Dubyeeee 2014"

Kendall Jenner's sexy abs are no doubt the envy of every young woman around, but her selfies likely helped her to place second in a most searched model poll on Google. She finished second only to Kate Upton. That's pretty impressive since Kendall has only been a professional model for about a year.

Kendall's sister Kim Kardashian was named among the most Googled celebrities following her nude cover for Paper magazine. It seems fame definitely runs in the family. Kim didn't get the top honor in her category either. That went to Jennifer Lawrence.

Do you suppose in 2015 Kendall Jenner will try to 'break the internet' in a way similar to Kim Kardashian's Paper spread? Kendall has lots of talent as a model, so she won't likely have to stoop to anything quite that dramatic. One look at Kendall's sexy shape and it's plain to see she will make it on her laurels alone.

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