Euro 2012 Gives Us The Best OMG Gif Ever


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ESPN deserves credit for their stellar presentation of the sporting event being watched by the whole world over, even the United States. No, I'm not talking about the NBA Finals, LeBron James, or Kevin Durant. While these three are indeed worthy of attention, the popularity of the NBA pretty much pales when compared to world-class soccer, especially on an international level.

Besides, when's the last time an NBA Finals game gave us a crowd gif as awesome as the one that's coming up? No, the Mitch Kupchak doesn't count. What we have is an Irish fan who's clearly exasperated by something that happened on the field. Of course, the natural thought is she's reacting to one of the many goals the Spaniards scored against the Irish, but if you look at the time stamp on the upcoming gif--25:28--there were no goals scored by Spain during that time.

According to ESPN's GameCast, at the 25 minute mark, Ireland surrendered a corner to Spain, so perhaps she's upset with the linesman's call. Maybe she thought it should've been a goal kick instead. Anyway, enough guesstimating. Here's the gif in question, courtesy of Gifulmination:


Like I said, the best OMG animated gif you'll ever see. It really is hypnotic.

In fact, I'd be severely disappointed if this didn't become the standard meme image to accompany the OMG saying from here on out. Of course, considering the game's final score, Spain 4, Ireland 0, maybe the Irish fan was just exasperated about the beatdown that was forthcoming.