Christina Hendricks Stoic at 2015 Emmys, Didn't Crack A Smile When Jon Hamm Won

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Christina Hendricks was positively stoic at the 2015 Emmys on Sunday. The Mad Men star didn't even smile when her costar Jon Hamm won his first Emmy.

Jon Hamm was nominated eight seasons in a row for his Mad Men role. When he finally won on Sunday, the crowd went wild--everyone, that is, except Christina Hendricks. Instead of smiling, cheering, or showing any sort of emotion whatsoever, she politely applauded.

Hamm had the audience in stitches as he literally climbed up on stage to accept his Emmy. There was still no reaction from Christina Hendricks.

Is it possible that Christina Hendricks is one of those people who can't feel another person's joy? Was she in some way jealous of Jon Hamm?

Another of Jon Hamm's costars--Elisabeth Moss--smiled broadly, and stood to congratulate him on his big win.

During his acceptance speech, Hamm cracked a joke.

Christina Hendricks didn't laugh.

What crawled up Christina Hendricks' butt and died? Something surely caused the blank stoic look that plagued the Mad Men actress at the 2015 Emmy Awards.

Did you watch the Emmys? Were you privy to Christina Hendricks and her devout stoicism?

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