Yahoo Europe Revises Minimum Bid Pricing

    January 30, 2007

It may be a cliche, but it remains true: There’s no such thing as a bad sale. And one search engine company just initiated a heck of a sale – more like a permanent price cut, actually – on its minimum bid prices. Americans may want to get out their currency calculators, though, because these bargains are only available through Yahoo Europe.

To continue our retail analogy, an additional difficulty may result from the “sale items” not being clearly marked; Yahoo Europe declared in a statement that, “[e]ffective today, the minimum bid price will reduce for some search terms while others will be subject to variable minimum bids.”

Despite that hedge, the announcement looked promising, and the (potential) price cuts are actually quite steep. “For example,” a press release stated, “some search terms now have a minimum bid starting at 0.05 [euros] (or 0.05 for UK), while others remain at 0.15 [euros] (or 0.10 for UK).”

As you probably guessed from that quote, the UK will be affected by the change. Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, and France will also benefit from Yahoo Europe’s decision. This brings them “in line with Yahoo! Search Marketing’s other European operations in Spain, Italy and the Nordics,” according to the company. “Now all 12 European operations have the new minimum variable bid pricing in place.”

Finally, for the nicest possible way of phrasing “we want new customers,” we’ll turn to Richard Firminger, Yahoo Search Marketing’s Regional Sales Director of Northern Europe. “We hope this initiative will encourage even more advertisers to see the benefits of sponsored search, thus creating a more educated search marketplace,” Mr. Firminger stated.


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