Verizon Enhances Website for Disabled Customers

    December 22, 2004

The corporate website for Verizon Wireless has been enhanced to make it more accessible to customers with disabilities.

Enhancements that make the site more user-friendly for visually- and physically-impaired individuals include:

* Scalable text size – The site now allows users to adjust font size, making content easier to read.

* Improved global navigation – Buttons on the main navigation bar can now be read by a screen reader device.

* Accessible online forms – Special features have been built into the site to make it easier for screen readers to interpret Web forms.

* Link and image descriptions – Customers can access descriptive text of posted images and links, where appropriate, using a screen reader.

* “Mouse-free” navigation – Additional enhancements have been added to make site navigation easier for customers with motion control disabilities, including allowing customers to use their keyboard’s Tab button to navigate the site, instead of using the mouse.

“Making our Web site accessible to all Internet users and customers is another demonstration of Verizon Wireless’ dedication to providing customers with simple and easy-to-use wireless services and products,” said Carl Eberling, Vice President for Information Technology at Verizon Wireless.

To date, Verizon Wireless has ensured that more than 500 of its most frequently visited Web site pages comply with the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Priority 1 Guidelines. All Verizon Wireless Web developers have been trained in Web Standards and are following the W3C guidelines for accessibility when modifying and building new pages for

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