Suze Orman Gives Finance Advice At eBay Live

    June 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Financial expert, best-selling author and columnist Suze Orman spoke at eBay Live today, outlining a hit-list of personal finance tips. Orman’s advice centers on credit scores, retirement accounts, investments, real estate, life insurance, and wills.

Suze Orman At eBay Live!
Suze Orman At eBay Live!

"[People] are spending money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know or don’t even like," she said, prepping the crowd for a little financial wizardry.

Orman covered so many topics in the short time she spoke, we compiled a list of tips you can use a ready-reference for bettering your financial situation.

Orman’s Personal Financial Tips and Goals

Goal: Credit score above 760; If you are in credit card debt and your employer doesn’t match your 401(k), redirect that money toward paying off your credit cards. Your FICO score will rise and benefit you more in the long run.

Tip: Have at least a 6-8 month emergency plan fund to finance yourself during times of trouble.

Goal: Home ownership; Owning a home will be the best investment of your life. Most homes appreciate on average about 4% a year.

Tip: Add a revocable living trust (RLT) to your will.

Tip: Variable, universal, and whole life insurance are not good options. Look into term life insurance as you only need it until your youngest child is about 22 years old. Never leave a child under 18 as the beneficiary.

Tip: A Roth IRA is 10 times better than a 401(k) or any other type of plan out there.

Tip: If you don’t need money right away (10 years or so) invest in mutual funds instead of individual funds.