Social Networks All About

    May 8, 2007

Well, if you’re going to launch a service that lets you build your own social network, having the name is a great start.

Mashable looks at whether the great brand matches up with the actual service…’s SNAPP-powered communities are built to be connected in a way that is described as being similar to a shopping center with anchor tenants, specialty retailers, and shared common areas. This means that there are several levels at which to create an individual presence that differs amongst the many networks that can be built and joined within Their connected community model lets networks the access to the larger network for building their own traffic base. They’ve also integrated the Google AdSense API, so site admin can earn 50% of revenue displayed on their network.

As Kristen points out, has been around for a while, but this is their first foray into personalized social networks. It’s a space which really only brings one competitor to mind, Ning. While I may be a little biased – Ning is a former client – I find Ning’s social networks to be very easy to use and quick to set-up. I’ve used them for local groups and they power Marketing Pilgrim’s video site too. Still, competition is usually good for everyone, unless it’s Google. ;-)