3 Smokin’ Salesletter Secrets!

    October 6, 2003

1) You could add special offers in your ad copy. It’s usually easier to sell the offer than the product. You could use discounts, free bonuses, volume sales, etc. For example, you could say, “You’ll get 5 bonuses when you order by Aug 24, 2002!” Another example, “Buy one, get the second one half price off.”

2) You should eliminate the hard-to-understand jargon on your ad copy. Unless your product calls for technical words, you want your ad to be read without people pulling out a dictionary. If you need to use a word your target audience might not under- stand, define it or use an example to help them understand it.

3) You could add proof of results in your ad copy. You should include testimonials, endorsements and factual statistics to prove your product’s claims. You should only publish statements that are believable and have specific results. For example, here is a good line from a testimonial, “I increased my sales by 678%!”

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