Ships Held In Undersea Cable Cutting

    April 10, 2008

Authorities in Dubai are holding two ships they believe cut undersea cables that knocked out Internet service in the Middle East and India earlier this year.

The Dubai Port Trust authorities have impounded MV Hounslow and MT Ann, according to Reliance Globalcom, which owns the cables. The authorities impounded the ships after Reliance Globalcom turned over details of the ships after examining the satellite images of the ships movements around the area of undersea cable damage.

Before this latest development there were a number of conspiracy theories floating around concerning the cut cables.

"The matter has been brought to the notice of appropriate authorities which are taking necessary action," an official from Reliance Globalcom said, according to The Hindu. The official said the undersea cable was damaged because of jerks and the force of the ship.

The Dubai Port authorities plan on speaking to the owners and captains of the two ships for an explanation.