Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Better Product Photos

    August 1, 2003

I have three suggestions that may encourage more sales activity on your Web site.

First, improve the color and sharpness of your product photos so that site visitors will be confident and certain about what they are buying.

Try this: iron the t-shirt, hang it on a one of those expensive wooden hangers, gather the t-shirt slightly at the waist and safety-pin it from behind, hang it near a window in your house that gets lots of indirect sunlight, hang up a white bed sheet as a background, and take the photo using 200 ASA film or borrow/rent a digital camera rated around 2 megapixels. You may want to pay a photo shop to reproduce the photos for you. For each t-shirt, you will need a 100-pixel width JPG image at 92 dpi and a 250-pixel width JPG image at 92 dpi for your Web site.

Secondly, tell customers more about the quality of the material that you use to make the designs. Is it cotton, like the t-shirt? Pre-shrunk? Wash-and-wear? Also, you may want to put the Order Now link next to the product description so that customers can buy immediately rather than search the site for ordering information. You may want to put the color swatch icon on every product page to help keep customers in a buying mood rather than a searching mood.

Thirdly, I would suggest a more conservative treatment of type for your introductory text because lots of bold text and lots of all-capitalized text becomes difficult to read.

Good luck. Keep up the good work!

Karen Stephens

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