Saddam Searches Flood Search Engines

    January 2, 2007

As news of Saddam Hussein’s execution made its way around the web (rather quickly), people flocked to the search engines looking for video, images, and any other pertinent information about the hanging.

Yahoo’s Buzz blog reports queries related to the deposed despotic leader’s execution increased at an exponential rate as users searched for confirmation in the form of video and pictures. The entry indicates searches related to Hussein increased by 1349%, making him the most searched topic on Yahoo.

Searches for Arabic news outlets covering the execution increased as well. Yahoo’s post reveals:

Queries on “al-hurra,” “al-arabiya,” “al-jazeera,” and “iraqi tv” all soared. Searches for “iraq news” and “iraq time zone” were also hot.

As indicated, searches by those looking for visual evidence of Saddam’s execution increased as well. Most people were looking for video, while others just wanted to see images. Finally, the post reveals which keyphrase queries related to this topic gained popularity. As you can see, Saddam’s execution was quite popular among searchers:

Saddam Execution (+9,354%)
Saddam Hanging (+3,329%)
Saddam Hussein Pictures (+1,329%)
Saddam Execution Date (+954%)
Saddam Hussein Trial (+639%)
Execution (+534%)
Hanging (+491%)
Arab News (+292%)
CNN World News (+188%)
Baghdad (+163%)

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.