New Scoble Coming in September

    March 5, 2007

You know it as the birthplace of HP, Yahoo, Google, Sun, and Cisco, among others.

But coming in September 2007 another kind of startup is coming to Stanford University: a new Scoble! Yeah, Maryam and I are expecting a new child.

Why Stanford University? Cause Maryam’s mom has been to the hospitals there several times for various surgeries and we’ve always been impressed with their care and it’s close to work.

We learned last week that she’s been pregnant for three months and are quite excited and nervous. Big changes in lifestyle ahead.

First thing is that I’m not going to travel after Gnomedex for at least six months except for CES.

One thing we learned is we both were really nervous about talking about it here. Why? Cause there’s a great deal of uncertainty. We both know people who’ve had miscarriages and know it’s a fairly common thing. We thought we were going to have to keep this secret for a few months until we hit three months, but then last week Maryam went into the doctor and she said she was 11 weeks along. Maryam wasn’t even moody or sick, so didn’t send out the usual “I’m pregnant” gestures. Anyway, back to the usual programming here.


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