Monitor Malfunctioning

    August 25, 2003

Hi Carey,

The original monitor with my eMachine eTower 566i2 started blinking a few months ago. It would slowly grow dim and then brighten up again. and then one day it just stopped functioning altogether. Then I switched to another used monitor and put on a spike buster just to make sure that this was not because of power fluctuations. But this one started behaving the same way.

I cannot figure out if this is happening because the monitor is just old or if there is some problem with the PC that is sending a signal that makes the monitor trip. I have a third used monitor that used to work on another machine but I am scared to hook it up because I dont know where the problem is. I am using Windows ME with Office 2000. The machine has not been upgraded. it is the original configuration. I will appreciate it if you have any suggestions.


Hi Anant.

Problems like this can be caused from a bad video card or power supply in the eMachine itself. Also, these monitors may simply be too old for the refresh rate of the video card in the computer. You’d be best off to try a monitor that is not more than 2 years old. If problem still occurs, then it is most like the Emachine.

Thanks for writing!


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