Mochila turning a triple play

    February 4, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The turnkey platform offered by Mochila takes content distribution and ad serving, and puts it into an easy to add package for publishers.

Making all three sides of the online publishing equation happy couldn’t be as simple as Mochila makes it. Could it? After chatting with company CEO Keith McAllister, we might have to rethink that idea.

After emerging in April 2006 from their stealth building period, Mochila made its pitch to site publishers. We’ll handle providing free, ad-supported content to your site, or you can buy it a la carte. Customized licensing allowed McAllister and company to give content licensors a say in setting parameters on where content could go.

Over 300 major magazines, newspapers, and websites have taken Mochila up on their content distribution deal, thanks in part to the rights management Mochila provides. Advertisers get targeted audiences, distributors have a customer base for their content, publishers receive an easy mechanism for complementing their work.

Next big thing? The online environment has so much content out there that an effective aggregator who can handle the chores of permission and monetization may give Mochila a little bit of a first-mover advantage.