55 Million Europeans Google

    March 16, 2004

According to a report from Nielsen/NetRatings, over 55 million Europeans use Google as their search engine of choice, giving the search giant another large foothold in a non-American region.

As to be expected, Google faces stiff competition from MSN and Yahoo! as the companies try to win European web users.

A quote taken from BBC News Online by Tom Ewing explains Google’s strong presence: “Google’s branding is so strong, it has entered the language and become a fundamental part of people’s searching habits.”

Despite this, MSN and Yahoo! are determined to have a larger piece of the search engine pie. The companies continually upgrade their methods for determining relevance in an effort to gain users.

Ewing summed the European search engine market quite nicely: “Google’s dominance may appear unshakeable, but with some of the biggest brands on the internet developing rival search technologies, the next 18 months will prove crucial for this sector”.

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