Me And Bill Living In Different Worlds

    January 9, 2005

What do you say about this … Bill Gates in a Gizmodo interview: “Almost everything that’s being published on the web now has RSS notification on it …

… so what would have been a website I would have gone to my favorites list and looked at, now I get the notification”.

If he’s quoted correctly, and actually thinks this, I’m worried about how little he reads. Counting everything I want to read on the web less than 10% offers me a feed.

If he on the other hand means that those who publish feeds get my attention more regularly I agree.

Gates also says “I think blogging is super-important and we’ve got to do a lot more software”. That I like. We can talk open-source all night long, and in theory it’s great, but a massive breakthrough for corporate blogging needs Microsoft.

A lot of people out there will not consider blogging easy until the necessary tools are totally integrated into Office. Sadly, many would say, but the goal is more important than the means to reach it.

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