McAfee Launches SiteDigger 2.0

    January 11, 2005

Using Google’s search index has a tool, McAfee has launched SiteDigger 2.0, a utility designed to locate human error information vulnerabilities that can show up in search engines.

SiteDigger checks for errors against 7 defined categories, ensuring data leaks are kept to a minimum. The categories that SiteDigger checks in order to protect site privacy are: back-up files, configuration mistakes, remote administrator interface, error messages, public vulnerabilities, and technology profile.

“While companies have become increasingly vigilant about guarding their corporate networks from break-ins, they also need to be able to account for potential human errors with information inadvertently made visible on the Internet,” said Mark Curphey, director of consulting for Foundstone Professional Services at McAfee, Inc. “McAfee is committed to providing the necessary tools to safeguard personal and private information and the increased functionality of our SiteDigger tool helps companies protect private information that is mistakenly made available through their Web sites.”

According to, in order to check against Google’s index, SiteDigger makes use of Google’s API, which McAfee was given special license by Google to do so.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.