HealthiNation To Share Videos With Yahoo

    March 19, 2007

As their names might have led you to guess, Yahoo Health and HealthiNation have similar focuses and goals.  Now, thanks to a new deal, they’ll be working together in pursuit of them.

Yet you probably haven’t heard of one of those companies.  HealthiNation is something of a newbie to the scene (for the record, this “emerging digital health education network” doesn’t claim otherwise), but it’s got a fairly impressive setup.  The site’s biggest draw is its selection of videos, which it will start serving up to Yahoo Health’s users in the near future.

Within his HealthiNation profile, Raj Amin, HealthiNation’s CEO, goes into some detail about the significance of these clips.  “Health is complicated, but knowledge gives everyone the power to act,” he wrote.  “With new outlets like internet video and video-on-demand, we can give people information in a better way and make it easier for people to stay healthier longer.”

And in a Business Wire article, Amin explained in similar terms how these videos will become even more useful as a result of this new partnership.  “We are very excited to deliver our videos as an integral part of Yahoo! Health’s high quality service, and to help people make better decisions about their health and drive higher levels of health literacy,” he said.

As for Yahoo Health, it claims around 7 million of those people as users.  The site’s size has some drawbacks – check out the 170-word disclaimer at the bottom of its homepage – but all in all, Yahoo Health and HealthiNation should make an ideal pairing.