Greenberg Gave Wife $2 Billion in AIG Stock

    April 13, 2005

Corinne P. Greenberg, has recieved $2 billion worth of American International Group shares from her husband, the company’s former chief executive, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg.

Greenberg gave the 41.399 million shares to his wife 3 days before he left the company last month.

A CNN Money article says:

“As reported, Greenberg was interviewed Tuesday by regulators probing AIG’s accounting. The regulators are looking into whether AIG, which Greenberg led for decades, used questionable financial transactions to improperly boost its results.

The SEC filing also disclosed that Greenberg exercised options on 11,012 shares last Friday and surrendered 5,780 shares to pay for the options exercise, retaining 5,232 shares.

Greenberg exercised options on the shares for $22.10 to $37.87 apiece.”

According to MarketWatch, AIG shares went down 0.6% to $52.89.

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